Freenet is a platform for censorship-resistant communication and publishing. For the past 15 years the project has built tools to fight for freedom of speech and information. Our software provides a decentralized peer-to-peer network designed to hide who publishes or accesses potentially controversial information - or even that it exists - especially useful for those living in oppressive political regimes.

While development is primarily driven by volunteers, the project has also employed paid developers to provide more-focused work. Over the past 2 years, the project's paid developer has made great progress improving “Web of Trust” functionality to combat spam, which is a central problem in any anonymous system. Unfortunately, the Freenet Project no longer has enough money to retain his services, so he is now a volunteer. This greatly reduces his capacity to continue this important work.

We are extremely excited for the future of Freenet and the projects built on top of it. There is so much more work to do, and full-time developers greatly benefit the project.

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