Freenet 0.7.5 build 1473 is now available. This is the first build to require Java 7! It upgrades Bouncy Castle to version 1.54, and adds a Traditional Chinese translation to the Windows installer.

Plugin updates:

  • Add Sharesite - a fork of ShareWiki - as an official plugin. Thanks to ArneBab for getting it ready! It includes an earlier version of TextileJ to avoid license problems, and adds syntax help, external activelink support, and a template with div IDs for easier CSS.
  • Update Freereader with the ability to configure the site title and subtitle, and fix the translation support.

User-facing core change highlights:

  • Improve MP3 filtering.
  • Add The Filtered Index to the default bookmark list.
  • Fix handling of filenames with non-ASCII spaces.
  • Alphabetize language configuration dropdown.
  • Add Hungarian translation support. The translation was added previously but not actually available.
  • Fix dropping low-traffic connections. This helps with simulations.
  • Optimize FProxy CSS load order, and fix bugs which prevented caching static assets. This improves web interface responsiveness.
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