Freenet 0.7.5 build 1484 is now available.

This release fixes the last blocking problems with the new build based on gradle and JNA and adds new features.

Thesnark discovered a way to circumvent the content filter, which was fixed by operhiem1. This bug could have resulted in handing an insecure file to an external (and potentially vulnerable) program without showing a warning to the user. Please update ASAP to avoid that. See CVE-2019-9673 for details.

Also uploads without compression now survive restarts of the node again.

As main user-visible change, if you use the default theme, you will now see the Winterfacey theme. If you changed it to some other theme, Freenet will continue to use that other theme. You can switch themes from Configuration → Web interface.

The main networking change is to apply the less recently failed branch by toad. This should decrease the number of recently failed errors, but it could have side-effects.

For darknet friends, the 1024 character limit of n2n messages is lifted. You can now send confidential messages of up to 128 kiB.

And thanks to Redwerk, there is now a "Send confidential message" button on the friends page, so these messages are no longer hidden in a dropdown list. Just tick the checkbox of the friends you want to contact to send n2n messages to them.

Also thanks to Redwerk, Freemail_wot is also updated to v0.2.7.4 with better detection of contacts missing from WoT.

And this release finally includes the ogg-filter from Spencer Jacksons Google Summer of Code project. It still needs polishing and has some inefficiencies, but you can now listen to a FLAC from Freenet directly from your browser.

As a sidenote: Freenet has been supporting listening to mp3 files in the browser since version build 1473 (2016-05-21). You can also use mp3s in a HTML5 audio-tag on your freesites (flac not yet).

Further changes:

  • update WoT plugin to build 20, now bundling the database library so it can be removed from Freenet itself and will be easier to update. Thanks to xor.
  • replace handler.outputHandler.queue by handler.send - thanks to patheticcockroach.
  • peer list: Add spacing between flag and IP address - thanks to Bombe.
  • increase scaling to 3 again because 1480 nodes otherwise slow down updated nodes.
  • only FMS and Sone on ChatForums suggestion page to fit the projects longstanding stance. If you disagree, you can create a freesite to promote it.
  • avoid losing download state on restart - thanks to ChristmasMuch from FMS.
  • update Sharesite version to 0.4.7 and activate by default.

Thank you for using Freenet!

For additional details see the release tag for 1484.

You can download this release as usual from the download page, or if you are already using Freenet, simply let your freenet node update itself over Freenet.

Thank you to all involved!

  • Arne Babenhauserheide
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