Freenet 0.7.5 build 1486 is now available.

This is an emergency release which updates JNA to version 4.5.2 to prevent Windows nodes from breaking when Java is updated.

Since we’re releasing from next, this release contains a number of further improvements we had already prepared:

The first time wizard now warns users on first run to disable thirdparty IMEs (input method editors). There are reports that some of those IMEs send all keystrokes to their owners.

Alex Williams changed the bandwidth allocation to give more bandwidth to friend-to-friend connections than to opennet connections. Friend-to-friend connections (Darknet-mode) are the only way to build a Sybil-resistant network. Please invite people you’ve known for years long to join you in Freenet and connect to them as Friends.

Oleh from Redwerk improved the styles of our main theme (Winterfacey). It now works much better for small devices like phones. Also Freenet will offer a connection speed upgrade when increased speed is detected.

On the technical side, operhiem1 and nextgens got us a new jarsigner certificate which should remove some ugly warnings during installation, and thanks to Bombe our SSK and USK key validation is now stricter, and our tests now use JUnit 4. And we increased the max size for passthrough, so our Windows installer should spread over UOM again.

Finally, outside the direct release, but significant: desyncr ported Freenet to Android! The new Freenet Mobile is optimized to preserve bandwidth and battery power in phones. Find out how to test it on reddit.

Thank you for using Freenet!

For additional details see the release tag for 1486.

You can download this release as usual from the download page, or if you are already using Freenet, simply let your freenet node update itself over Freenet.

Thank you to all involved!

  • Arne Babenhauserheide
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