Freenet 0.7.5 build 1491, codename “platform support”, is now available.

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This build is a bugfix release that improves operation on different platforms and with different local setup.

It ships cleanups to the pitch black defense and to streaming video and audio in the browser.

For the pitch black defense, it disables defensive swapping if swapping is disabled in general, because the node uses opennet. This should resolve problems to the network structure and data persistence introduced during the pitch-black fix because opennet nodes started swapping when they had network-issues.

Also it delays the pitch black defense to 10 minutes after startup instead of 1 minute after startup to further reduce the probability of stray swapping. Mitigating the Pitch Black Attack is funded by NLnet through the NGIO PET fund with financial support from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme.

Sidenote: If you have a Freenet project, that might be a good match for the Assure grant or the Search and Discovery grant, have a look at their site! The two application periods are open until first of June and a good match for individuals who want to get funding for concrete improvements. See the NLnet themes.

For streaming, this release fixes operation over proxies that provide a http node via https, and it adds m3u compability for mobile devices - thanks to DC* (some mobile browsers answer the query "supports m3u" with "maybe").

And there is a new publishing tool to prepare videos for streaming on a Freesite that automates adding videos, optimized for use-cases like sharing conference videos for which order does not matter, but you want to make new videos available at regular intervals to match viewer-expectations. Find it on the example site "watch 36c3, incrementally": USK@KxGwMvg~cXm5hs1ZX4NSH~I8fYyqcQD-~8dDdtmDs18,gKSJ4JQ4E1s2Pi-C1iKnfcpWp2pTmcOLaAz6PsogCpw,AQACAAE/watch-36c3-incrementally/2/

Further improvments in this release:

  • Improve OpenBSD support thanks to jv@D7b92AQB2664AkrR.
  • Fix plugin compatibility problems from refactoring.
  • More cleanup of old code thanks to Jan Gerritsen.
  • Fix label for logged attribute RoutingDisabled - thanks to Jan Gerritsen

As a final note: Researchers in Switzerland identified Freenet as one of the few tools that are viable for transmitting medical data, because it can actually provide the data protection required for sensitive communication: Using Freenet as a Broker for Multi-Party Data Exchange in IoT for Health.

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Thank you for using Freenet!

  • Arne Babenhauserheide
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