Freenet 0.7.5 build 1479 is now available.

This release ships WoT 19 which provides performance and UI improvements. For details see the WoT19 tag. can now provide a failover via clearnet again (which was broken when our website SSL certificate provider stopped providing SSL certificates), but only for fproxy itself, not for plugins or dependencies. This is the first step to allow us to again ship changes which touch routing algorithms. On GNU/Linux and MacOSX you can use ./ to get the most recent version. Note however that this will contact github via clearnet. You should only need that if we break the auto-updater in the larger transitions to come (hopefully not).

You can speed up the web interface by letting the browser cache SSK and CHK content (there is a new config option). This will however leave traces in your browser cache.

Also this release provides optimized network settings for the new structure since the link length fix: less peers for the same bandwidth should result in higher throughput per connection. This allows for less powerful devices to join (with low bandwidth settings) and should provide better bandwidth utilization for very fast nodes.

Further changes:

  • Re-enable RSA-based ciphers for SSL-connections to the node

  • add jfniki index bookmark (use "add default bookmarks" to get it)
    this provides a collaborative index of indexes building on jfniki

  • l10n: pull translations from transifex

  • plugins: Freemail v0.2.7.3 (new translations)

For additional details see the release tag.

You can download this release as usual from the download page, or if you are already using Freenet, simply let your freenet node update itself over Freenet.

Thank you to all involved!

  • Arne Babenhauserheide
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