Freenet 0.7.5 build 1487 is now available.

The focus of this build are plugin-updates, support for Freenet on Android, and a new signing process for the windows installer.

Among the plugins, KeepAlive is finally an official plugin thanks to the work by Redwerk. As its name suggests, it allows you to select files in Freenet and keep them alive. For this, KeepAlive only probes part of the file to determine availability and heals the file if availability becomes too low. If you want to ensure that your favorite Linux Distro DVD stays available over Freenet, head over to Configuration - Plugins and select and load the official plugin KeepAlive. Then select KeepAlive from the menu and add the key.

The second plugin added is UPnP2 a replacement for the aging UPnP plugin. This is experimental and will not replace UPnP automatically. If you want to help test it, please load it and check whether it correctly forwards ports in your local network.

In addition to new plugins, 1487 also updates existing plugins:

  • plugin-FlogHelper adds audio- and video-tag and more translations,
  • Sharesite provides better default CSS (more beautiful sites) and clearer wording,
  • Freemail uses the newer WoT API, and
  • KeyUtils has a small fix to adjust for internal API change (was broken in 1486).

To get the update, reload the plugins and select “clear cache”.

On the technical side, this build accepts Android Java as not End of Life to simplify the mobile-node maintenance. If you’d like to try running Freenet on your Android phone, see It should work with minimal battery drain and bandwidth usage, since it ships with the optimizations talked about for years and finally implemented by desyncr this summer: You can set it to only stay connected when on wifi and wall-power, it uses a ram-store to avoid wear on your SD card, and it ships a mobile optimized management interface while providing all the capabilities of Freenet under the hood.

Finally the windows-installer and wintray are now being built by our continuous integration system using a more secure code-signing setup. This should reduce the scary warnings on install, reduces our dependency on specific setup of the release manager, and provides earlier checks whether something in fred broke the installer.

For additional details see the release tag for 1487.

You can download this release as usual from the download page, or if you are already using Freenet, simply let your freenet node update itself over Freenet.

Thank you to all involved!

  • Arne Babenhauserheide
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