Freenet 0.7.5 build 1490 codename “pitch black streaming” is now available.

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Freenet 0.7.5 build 1490 is now available.

This release provides three different changes:

  • streaming in the browser,
  • mitigating the pitch black attack, and
  • providing the windows-installer from the node again.

For streaming, it builds on the m3u-filter to provide direct in-browser streaming. Currently it works with audio (mp3 and ogg vorbis) and video (ogg theora) in sufficient quality for music playlists and specially crafted video-streams.

With this change, adding a media-tag that references an m3u-list like

<audio src="stream.m3u" controls="controls">
<a href="stream.m3u">stream.m3u</a>


<video src="stream.m3u" controls="controls">
<a href="stream.m3u">stream.m3u</a>, starting with <a href="sff-001.ogv">sff-001.ogv</a>.
    Putting the first video here causes freesitemgr to more likely
    put the first video into the container, giving faster initial startup.

gives you a media-tag that plays the m3u-playlist. In Sharesites you need to add at least one space before the tag.

If you want to stream via Freenet yourself, you’ll find help in a thirdparty howto.

There are three example sites:

  • Audio-Playlist: USK@1wpsnrzb9fiFmmq6OozoZ0Mnk376AlizUKjKPh3TXwM,CwfRO8X0xaCUzH28eoHigxUV-5TkRV8hCoQdO2kmsQM,AQACAAE/streaming-over-fproxy/3/
  • Streaming Video: USK@UGh1rxaHczJVr4k4LwxWrxFBc-Dt5P0F3IuPONpp8ZQ,klWF5g9B2PLst8tRO8c9tzk6XvisGynFVJRzM8-9718,AQACAAE/stream-36c3-sff/3/
  • Radio Interview: USK@4DQ15JpGlVGDdyXvQE3Egz7SLK2TzMAUmp~aptnwyt4,ljFASreV8AHaQhscfrNLuVyl3qksltgP9sndtLuUHB8,AQACAAE/stream-radiocc-freenet/1/

This follows an old idea to enhance freesites with strictly checked interactivity, similar to userscripts but without the security implications of adding a script that might have a very different threat model than Freenet itself.

Also this release ships a mitigation for the pitch black attack. For details see

Mitigating the pitch black attack is supported by NLnet as part of the NGI0 PET Fund. For details see Thank you!

There are still more tests needed to ensure that the change suffices to resolve the main objection that existed among people well-versed in the technical background of Freenet, GNUnet, and others against using the friend-to-friend mode of Freenet since 2007.

It used to be far too easy to break a pure friend-to-friend net (all nodes using high-security mode). This should be resolved now.

And finally the UOM transfer max sizes were tripled, so the windows-installer provided by Freenet nodes gets updated again, and the annoying warning about freenet-latest-installer-windows.exe during install and update disappears.

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Thank you for using Freenet!

  • Arne Babenhauserheide
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